The work our Company performs centers on financial auditing, tax consulting and business consulting. Our specific services are as follows:


  • Legally required audits of annual financial statements and consolidated accounts
  • Voluntary audits of financial statements
  • Due diligence
  • Reviews according to rules and regulations for real-estate brokers and developers
  • Statutory and voluntary special audits
  • Credit checks
  • Financial risk management audits
  • Investment audits
  • Peer reviews pursuant to WPO (financial auditing regulations) Section 57 (a)

Tax consulting

  • Tax return preparation
  • Conceptual tax consulting for individuals, corporations, associations, foundations and estates
  • Nonresident and international tax law
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation
  • M & A tax consulting
  • Preparation of consolidated group financial statements
  • Tax evasion
  • Financial and payroll Accounting
  • Appeal
  • Representation before German tax Courts
  • Support during tax audits

Business consulting

  • Business valuation
  • Weak-point analysis
  • Restructuring consulting
  • Trusteeships
  • Cost/benefit reviews
  • Efficiency analysis and reorganization of internal auditing System
  • Risk management consulting

Expert reports

  • Expert opinions for agencies and courts
  • Arbitration panels
  • Data privacy