About us

The core of our Company was “Dr. Möller Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungspraxis”, which Dr. H. Peter Möller started in 1985

That sole proprietorship was merged in 1988 into today’s Dr. Möller Treuhand GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft – Steuerberatungsgesellschaft. Since 1995 we are located at Schreiberstraße 7 in Mannheim, where we have the necessary space with more than a thousand square meters  (see photo – contact page). Here, we not only have the required internal office infrastructure but also adequate parking spaces and easy traffic access (see driving directions).

Part of our team are more than 10 tax consultants, 4 certified public auditors and one tax lawyer. Since 1985 we have successfully accompanied 11 employees to the financial auditing examination and more than 25 employees to the tax consulting examination. Our employees’ training is primarily as MBAs, economists, business economists, and financial consultants. We have made it our goal for our employees to achieve their desired professional objective, primarily “tax consultant” and “certified public auditor.”

We not only give our clients the best possible technical advice, but are also interested in creating a trustful relationship between them and our managing directors, consultants, and consulting teams. This makes it necessary to keep our firm’s staff fluctuation as small as possible so that many years of business cooperation can actually develop into a personal trustful relationship. We provide an auditing team available to each of our clients, generally consisting of a partner (managing director), a tax consultant, and his assistant. This ensures that whenever the client needs information, he can always find a competent person to talk to from “his” familiar Team.

Based on rotational reviews of its quality assurance system, Dr. Möller Treuhand GmbH is certified, for the adequacy and effectiveness of its quality assurance system. Under WPO Section 57 (a), we are therefore entitled to perform legally required audits of financial statements.